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Really Great Guitars is based in famous Spa town of Droitwich, in Worcestershire & is owned & run by Andy De Looze.

Andy has over 35 years experience in the music industry. Besides owning & running many successful music retail businesses since the late 70’s, he is also a fluent & much-respected guitarist.

RGG was created to cater for the growing demand of excellent quality guitars and amplification & as a professional musician himself, Andy knows only too well, what the musicians want, with regard to quality & affordability.

At RGG, our policy is a simple one:

Give the best, service, advice & value for money as possible.

We have a No Nonsense approach to customer service & will do whatever it takes to keep you, the all-important customer satisfied.

Over 35 Years Guitar Retail Experience

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Raining outside! Why not just stay in & look at the Tele!

June 2, 2017 - Author: Andy.

Nair cast a clout till May is out!…That’s the saying we all know as we eagerly await the summer sunshine & excuse the seemingly endless dull days of winter & spring.

Sunshine comes when it comes, so in the meantime, why not just stay in & look at the Tele!

Check our our amazing range of used Telecasters below:

Here we have a 2011 Fender American Vintage ’69’ Telecaster Thinline, 2 tone Sunburst + OHC & case candy. This gorgeous lightweight gal is in pristine condition & at a really great price. Comes with OHC & candy. Just £1,195.00

For something completely different, hows about this 1999 Fender Nashville B-Bender Telecaster® 3 Colour Sunburst & Fender Case. She is not a lightweight at 9lb-14oz but that just ads to her sustaining capabilities. If you want those accurate country bends, then this is the gal for you! Has theTexas Special Strat® pickup in the middle position. Only £1,250

Feast your mince pies on this Beautiful all original late 70s Telecaster in Natural Swamp Ash finish + Case. you are looking for a really clean, playable piece of vintage stock with a great mojo, then this is the gal for you. A real vintage bargain at just £1,695

Bow, wow, wow…Check out this absolutely gorgeous Mint Condition 2005 Custom Shop 1969 Fender Telecaster Thinline in Shoreline gold comes with OHC & all candy….One only at Just £1,695