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Really Great Guitars is based in the famous Spa town of Droitwich in Worcestershire & is owned & run by Andy De Looze.

Andy has over 35 years experience in the music industry. Besides owning & running many successful music retail businesses since the late 70’s, he is also a fluent & much-respected guitarist.

RGG was created to cater for the growing demand of excellent quality guitars and amplification & as a professional musician himself, Andy knows only too well, what the musicians want, with regard to quality & affordability.

At RGG, our policy is a simple one:

Give the best, service, advice & value for money as possible.

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Really Great Repair Service

March 26, 2021 - Author: Andy.

Whilst the UK and indeed the world is locked into the awful consequences of the COVID-19 issue, we understand that all musicians are feeling the pinch, particularly with regard to all the music venues being unable to book acts and bands. We are all praying for an ease in the restrictions over the coming months so we can do what we love and that’s to play our beloved guitars and entertain the crowds. So, what can we do to ease our pain and indeed our boredom during this crazy period! Well, firstly, we must not give up hope and of course and we must keep practicing to keep our fingers moving, but its also a really good time to give our axes some much needed TLC, which can be really difficult when times are busy. Some maintenance you can undertake yourself, such as cleaning the fingerboard, tightening any loose parts and restringing etc, but some areas of maintenance fall outside the capabilities of a lot of players, so that’s when you need to call in the ‘BIG GUNS’ to lend a helping hand. Certain guitar repairs are best undertaken by professionals who have a proven track record of work, so always ask for references and or check out their web site for customer testimonials. Remember, besides being your pride and joy, guitars are delicate instruments and great care must be taken when undertaking more than the basic maintenance work, so check out the local repairers in your area, many are still operating and of course abiding by social distancing rules.Here at RGG, we really pride ourselves on our repair and maintenance service and we offer very affordable rates for you our all important customers. We have a long-standing reputation within the guitar community and we pride ourselves on Precise and detailed work, which is mirrored in our testimonials.

As sure as eggs are eggs, good times will return, so let’s be ready to hit the ground rockin!

So if you are within a comfortable travel time, please feel free to call us to book a slot. We can usually turn repairs around within 1-3 days and we also give free estimates for work.

So hit the link here or at the top of the page to check out our Services, testimonials and prices, or simply call us today on 07932 074096 and ask for Andy, who will happily discuss all the options available. 🎸🎸

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