Beautiful and Rare 1969/70 Vox V.G.4. Bass


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Here’s one for the collectors, check out this very cool, all original and indeed very rare 1969/70 Vox V.G.4. This old girl is in fantastic all-round condition. plays amazingly well and has an incredible retro vibe and sound.

The V.G range were likely launched in competition to Gretsch Guitars, the similarities are pretty obvious.

Vox also introduced the Gretsch inspired V.G.6 six string guitar and the V.G.12 twelve string guitar. All three instruments shared the same body with a 17″ bout. These models were manufactured for Vox in Japan.

The semi acoustic, double bound Vox V.G.4 featured two single coil pickups sourced from Welson in Italy. The tone of each pickup was shaped by a pair of toggle switches mounted on the upper horn of the instrument. A three position rotary pickup selector switch was mounted to the lower horn. The V.G.4 also featured individual volume for each pickup, a mute switch, painted “f ” holes and a bolt on neck. The model number was curiously misstated some of the pick guards. Rather than “V.G.4,” the pick guard was incorrectly imprinted “G.V.4” this one actually does have the misprint on the scratchplate.

The 1970 Vox catalog described the V.G.4 as follows: “The bass guitar for the professional with a semi-acoustic, double cutaway body and fast action neck. Fully compensating bridge, tailpiece and adjustable built-in truss rod gives you a full range of string height and length adjustments to suit your style. Two bass frequency single pole pickups have separate tone and volume controls and can be varied by using the pickup selector switch. All fitments are finished in gold, and the guitar is available in green sunburst, transparent red, mahogany and triple sunburst finishes.