Really Great Repairs


For over 40 years Andy De Looze has specialised in offering precise repairs and setups to the guitar community. Andy takes pride in doing fine and detailed work. From a basic set-up to a complete re-fret and most things in between! He is skilled in this area & it’s often been said that ‘he has the patience of a saint’ when it comes to the macro setups he does.

Known as ‘The Action Man’ (For somewhat obvious reasons!) Andy has many repeat customers who bring their pride & joy to him to get the best possible or preferred action set-up.

In his own words, “It’s the really small things that make a huge difference in a guitars playability”

Also at RGG, we carry stocks of the majority of replacement parts for the job, so it saves you valuable time & frustration in hunting down that elusive part & in-turn means that our repair turnaround is pretty fast.

Please check out the prices below, but if there is any other area of repair that you require, please just contact Andy through the contact link on our home page.



  • Assessments & quotations for any instrument are free of charge.
  • If a repair is not listed, please enquire.
  • Our hourly rate for miscellaneous work is £40

Guitar Set-Ups

Prices apply to both acoustic and electric guitars.

Standard Set-Up is £40 + set of strings includes:

  • action adjustment
  • truss rod adjustment
  • intonation set using a chromatic tuner.
  • fingerboard cleaned and oiled
  • frets polished
  • General MOT inc tighten nuts, bolts & screws
  • restringing
  • clean and polish

Please note – 12-String Guitars and Guitars with Floyd-Rose style tremolo systems are £45 for a standard set-up + strings


General Repairs – Guitars

Nut Replacement – custom-carved bone nut
Nut Replacement – plastic
Frets: Level, Crown and Polish
Refret: Complete (excludes wire)
Refret: Partial (excludes wire)
£65 + £10 per fret
Action only re-set £25
Intonation only re-set £25
Neck re-set (Bolt-on necks only) £25
Repair broken headstock from £85


Acoustic Guitar Repairs

Pickup Installation – Soundhole
(price of pickup not included)
Pickup Installation – Beneath Saddle
(price of pickup not included)
Saddle Replacement – custom-carved, compensated bone saddle
Bone Nut and Saddle Replacement – custom-carved, compensated saddle
Saddle Replacement – plastic
Scratchplate Replacement
Replace Machine Heads (excludes heads) £45
Re-cut Saddle Slot
Remove and Re-glue Bridge
remove and reset neck from £135


Electric Guitar Repairs

Pickup Replacement (price of pickup not included) £40

Output Jack Replacement £25(excludes socket)

Potentiometer Replacement £25 (excludes pot)

Selector Switch Replacement £30 (excludes switch)

Complete Rewire £79 (solid body, guitars)

complete, Rewire £120 (semi, acoustic guitars).

Strat style Scratchplate replacement & re-fit all electrics etc £40 (excludes parts)