Pristine 2000 Parker Fly MidiAxe (Time Capsule) Heather Grey, Complete with OHC & Full Accessory Pack


  •  Solid hardwood body
    • One piece solid wood neck encapsulated in glass and carbon fibers
    • Composite finger board
    • Hardened stainless steel frets
    • Easy-Access truss rod adjustor
    • Sperzel® locking tuning machines
    • Custom DiMarzio® magnetic pickups
    • FISHMAN® Active Piezo pickup system
    • Built-in MidiAxe™ digital guitar-to-MIDI converter system
    • Cast aluminum bridge with stainless steel bridge saddles
    • 3/16″ stainless steel vibrato bar
    • Stereo output jack featuring “Smart Switching”
    • MIDI IN/OUT connectors
    • Magnetic Pickup Volume Control
    • Five-Position Magnetic Pickup Selector
    • Magnetic Pickup Tone Control
    • Pickup Selector, (Magnetic/Both/Piezo)
    • Piezo Volume Control
    • MIDI/Synth Volume Control
    • MIDI Mode Switch
    • MIDI Octave (Transpose) Switch
  • Parker Case & All Accessories
  • Weight: 7lb
  • Serial Number: 700118


Here we have at RGG, a beautiful & rare Parker Fly MidiAxe from 2000. This example is in pretty much mint condition with all accessories & Candy, IE, manuals, cables, interface, data disc ETC. It is a shining example of this much sought after guitar.

With its Piezo & regular pickup configs , along with a 5 pin din IN/OUT connection ( no need for a converter like Roland 13 pin midi, this is 5 PIN straight into any midi equipment you want to drive. They made very few & to have one in this condition is pretty much unheard of!

Comes with its original purchase receipt from Rose Morris in London. Cost at time of purchase was over £2,600 She plays blisteringly well, with an amazing action & will give you all the tone & power that you could wish for!

Check out the PDF Manual link below:

A little blurb:

The one guitar maker to achieve the feat of making a truly midi guitar was the original Parker Guitars. Parker outfitted their NiteFly with a Virtual DSP Corp.’s MidiAxe guitar-to-MIDI converter system. This gave the guitar an honest to goodness midi connection onboard. The only outboard gear the guitar needs is a small phantom power supply that connects to the end of the midi cable.

This beautiful instrument solved so many issues for the guitar synthesizer player. Bulky pitch to midi converters and cumbersome 13 and 24 pin floor units were no longer necessary The Parker Midi Fly now gave the guitarist the ability to interface with any synthesizer on the market.

Parker also made the electronics on the original Midi Fly very simple. There is one small knob and two small switches on the lower horn on the guitar. The knob is for volume, and the switches control tracking and octave respectively.