“I have no hesitation in giving a 5 star experience” (2007 Furch Stonebridge GS-23-CR Acoustic Guitar )

As a private music teacher I’m often given the task of finding bigger, better and higher quality instruments for students and as such it’s important I make the right choice. Given such a task by some parents recently and given a guide budget I had no hesitation in suggesting a guitar by the brand Furch. Wonderful hand made bespoke guitars from Czechoslovakia they are on a too order basis. Given the fact there is a waiting list and with the budget in mind I suggested we look at the second hand market. On searching the usual on line suspects I found three such guitars and the exact model required. One, a local dealer too me . One based in Manchester and Really Great Guitars based in Droitwich.  On calling my local dealer and requesting some additional information I was asked “ What do you want to know” . The second company in Manchester ( no phone number or email. Only Google chat) replied “. Yer, it’s really good”. Contacting Andy at Really Great Guitars I was without any prompting given the advise “ The neck is straight and true. The frets show no sigh of wear. Cosmetically both neck and body show no signs of wear”. Bearing in mind this was bank holiday Sunday I requested from Andy some additional pictures of the height of the strings at 12th fret, 7th fret and nut etc and with in an hour these were supplied. As a private music teacher my work hours don’t fit into the normal realm of 9 to 5 but Andy was very accommodating and a viewing was arranged the next day. On arrival I was first shown around Andy’s luthier workshop which in itself was highly impressive. Then onwards to view the guitar. Bit hard to focus as Andy’s showroom is filled with a wonderful array of bespoke vintage and rare electric, acoustic, bass, amps etc. But focus I did. The guitar was exactly as described and having been set up by Andy played like a dream. After some inspection, playing of I had no hesitation in purchasing the guitar. ( Considering the same version in Manchester was some £300 more expensive)A win win situation. On returning home I contacted Andy and informed him both parents, and student were extremely happy and that I may change the strings for a different brand, different gauge, to which Andy informed me if any adjustments were required with neck tension etc he was more then happy to oblige. 

Great company’s like Amazon, Rolls Royce, Apple etc are only great not just for the product , but just as important is the great service both during and after sales and I have no hesitation in giving a 5 star experience.

Gary Hill 

Gary Hill (Birmingham) August 31, 2022