Beautiful, 1983 USA (Dan Smith Era) Fender Jazz Bass, Rare Ivory Finish, Inc Case


  • Mid-1983 Dan Smith Era Jazz Bass
  • Limited Production Model
  • Last Model Made at the Fullerton Factory USA
  • Rare Ivory Finish
  • 4 Bolt Micro Tilt, Maple wide Flat Neck
  • 4 Piece Alder Body
  • Top Loading Bridge
  • White Single Ply Integrated Scratch/Electrics plate
  • Skirted Strat Style Knobs
  • Fender Case
  • Weight: 9.10lb
  • Serial # E300139

Here we have for your perusal, a gorgeous, all original 1983 Fender Jazz bass in Ivory (Sometimes known as Cream) made in the USA during the renown ‘Dan Smith’ era. The models in Ivory are much rarer than the other finishes.

She is in blisteringly good condition for a bass of circa 35 years old. All working 100%. She has all original pots  & pickups.

With the top loading bridge, integral scratch/electrics plate & the skirted Strat style knobs it makes her synonymous to that period

Playability is second to none, with her wide flat style maple neck and low action.

Cosmetically, she is fabulous, with just a couple of age related play marks here and there that wont photograph. There are couple of very small hairline paint fractures on the edges of the neck pocket (They won’t photo) but which are pretty typical on bolt-on neck Fenders, especially a 35 year old one.

Her fitted Fender case is in A1 condition…

This is one blonde bombshell definitely worth taking out for a good time!

Check out the video and hear what Normans guitars say about this baby. The one shown in the video is a sunburst, but is the same bass. (The Ivory ones are much rarer!)


FENDER JAZZ BASS (1983-1984) reviewed by Michael K. Smith

During the Mid 1970’s Fender had gotten into trouble because CBS had been more concerned with increasing production numbers than with the quality of their product. By 1980 it was clear Fender was on the wrong track and a change had to be made or there would be no more Fender. That change came with a shake up in management and bringing Dan Smith in to work on designs and improving quality. The Fender Jazz bass had gotten a very poor reputation by this time for having problems with the 3 bolt necks and other quality issues. Fender went back and studied the earlier and better built basses and by the end of 1982 Jazz Bass production had been brought to a halt. Employees were completely retrained and each bass was inspected closely until the quality was up to early production Fenders. When the 1983 Fender Jazz Bass, with the one piece pick guard, came down the production line it was built to what would now be considered Custom Shop quality. Due to Fender also being in the process of being sold to the employees and private investors along with a new plant needing to be built, few of the new design 1983 Fender Jazz Basses were produced that year . Overall, total production was about the same number as the 1960 Jazz bass with stacked knobs. This makes a 1983 Fender American Jazz bass very rare and also the last Jazz produced at the Fullerton Plant. It came in 4 colors, 3 Tone Burst, Black, Ivory, also called Cream by the uninformed and Sienna Burst. Most 1983 Fender Jazz basses are found in 3 Tone Burst or Black. The models in Ivory are much rarer with a Sienna Burst being the hardest to find. Also, the 1983 model Jazz Basses with serial numbers of E 8 plus 4 digits are of extra importance because they were hand built one at a time to insure quality and were suppose to go out to Musical Artist sign with Fender as Demo Models for them to use in recordings and at concerts. Due to an error in shipping some were distributed to music stores and sold to individuals by mistake. If you find one of these basses you have a piece of true Fender history in your hand and somewhat of a Goldmine. The 1983 Fender Jazz Basses also have the rear pickup placed closer to the bridge which gives them more growl like the mid-70’s bass. As far as how they play, well, they play great because they are the very point at which Fender got its groove back! As far as rumors go that Fender guitars from 1983 until Fender was sold are cost cutting design guitars, is far from the truth! Fender spent big money and took major production losses to bring the 1983 model Jazz Bass and other guitars and basses to market. Due to limit production of the 1983 Jazz Bass model it could be the most expensive bass Fender ever produced cost wise to the company. But, the proof is in the pudding and playing a 1983 Fender Jazz will settle the issue. There is much more interesting information about the 1983 model bass and those built in 1983 but had 1970 design parts and serial numbers but that is information for another time!


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