Don’t be a Part ‘E’ Pooper! Think Guitar Parts in 2018 to Keep Your Beloved Guitars in Tip-Top Shape!

We love guitars here at RGG, they are the mainstay of our business and as you know we specialise in some of the finest quality used instruments available. However, we came to realise that one of the most important areas that is often overlooked by guitar suppliers is that of replacement guitar parts. This is something that  generically goes hand in glove with these fine instruments.

We have lost count of the times we have been asked to supply replacement parts from a single machine head through to a set of Abalone fingerboard inlays and from fret wire to a Floyd Rose tremolo. Many times our customers requirements are just small items to either complete their purchase, or to pimp up an existing guitar and that maybe something just as simple as a toggle switch tip or the switch itself or a potentiometer etc. Small items indeed, but none the less equally important.

So did you know that RGG are also long standing specialists in guitar parts! We have been successfully providing guitar parts and accessories to a worldwide customer base since 2004 and have built an envious reputation amongst our competitors for supplying the highest quality and best value for money generic replacement parts.

In the past we have just offered this service via our sister company Papa D’s Music Store, but we have recently combined the two divisions and you can now access these parts directly through the link at the top of our page, or simply click here to go to Really Great Accessories.

Besides providing an essential service for guitar repairers and luthiers, these affordable items make fabulous gift ideas!  So with Christmas looming, why not click on the link above and feel free to browse through over 1000 product accessory lines that we currently have available and buy in confidence from one of the U.K.’s most successful and respected parts suppliers, boasting almost 100,000 positive eBay feedbacks. So go on, why not treat your guitar to a makeover, surely she’s worth it!