“Competing with the big box stores & our formula for success!”

“Competing with the big box stores hasn’t been as challenging as it sounds.”

Say what? (Maybe your reaction!)

Let me explain:

It’s a known fact that “Big box” retail stores are losing relevance, while e-commerce and specialty stores grow in appeal. An emerging theory has it that “Big box retail must shift its strategy – from competing just on access and selection, to staging big experiences and providing big discounts.”

I’m not uncorking any rich vintage truth here! Just hop on the internet, search around for a bit, and a few clicks later you’ve purchased whatever you need – all without having to leave the comfort of home. How can you argue with (or beat) that type of convenience?

Well, you may think that the larger-ticket items in a high street music store may represent the types of purchases any but the most wealthy amongst us would think twice about pulling the “online trigger” on, without some in-person hands on trialing of a guitar or amp, before they part with their hard earned 💷💶💴💵

Well, that’s not strictly true! let me say that “Here at RGG,  besides having products at all prices, our primary emphasis is on personal contact and up-to-the-minute communication on requests and questions and we stand behind everything we sell.”

We can do minor repairs, set-ups, and adjustments on the spot if they are needed and  comprehensively answer any of the most hazy (Morning after the night before gig) questions our customers may ask, also our prices are much lower than many “Big Box” retailers on used equipment.

“We aren’t “big guys” and nobody here is reinventing the wheel, but we are crafting and making use of an existing and damn fine wheel. Basically, we try our best to figure out what we can offer that distinguishes us from the competition and then do that, and do it well. Again, hardly breaking news, but a simple truth that can sometimes get lost amidst the frequent cries of “unfair” competition from high street retailers, and by doing that we have survived some quite taxing times and at the same time have successfully cultivated loyal, repeat customers.

So there it is, our formula for success – even in today’s complex market: Personalisation and catering to a niche has worked well for us and long may it continue.

Please take time to browse through our current selection of used beauties and we in-turn look forward to seeing you all through the store and serving you with some of the finest used guitars and amplification on the market today.