A Picture Paints A Thousand Words!

Hi y’all as you know, we always we have some great gear in store for you. An eclectic mix of vintage and modern guitars and some pieces with a quirky twist! The thing is that we take all our pictures outdoors as we feel that we get the best from them in natural light, but due to the low light of the past few weeks, we are still waiting for a sunny day or two to take the pics and show off some new and exciting items. Suffice to say we have some really lovely PRS, Gibson, Fender and other guitars and basses ready to show you, as well as some killer amps including a perfect condition 1978 Fender Pro Reverb, a couple of mint Mesa Boogies and some mega Marshall’s etc. So keep your eyes on the web site, get your boogie trousers on and let’s all do a sun-dance 🌞🌞🌞 😉🎸