“I’m over the moon with my new Strat” (Mint Condition 2000 Corona Plant USA Fender Stratocaster Sunburst & OHC)

“I discovered Andy’s website through an internet search and was immediately impressed by the quality of the photography and the written descriptions and details of his extraordinary collection of guitars. Having had, loved and lost two Strats in the past I pretty well immediately fell in love with his 2000 Corona Stratocaster in iconic sunburst and maple neck. Andy welcomed me into his ‘Aladdin’s Cave” and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together gassing about guitars. He gave me ample time with no hard sell but none needed as getting this beautiful Strat in my hands felt like coming home! Andy is obviously a passionate guitar man with an extensive knowledge as well as being a pretty mean guitarist in his own right! It was a pleasure to do business with him and I’m over the moon with my new Strat. Now, if only I can get my fingers to behave! ”

Tony Wetherall (Worcestershire) West Midlands August 31, 2018