“I’m not usually someone who writes reviews but this is a rare exception.” (Pristine & Very Rare 1969 Laney Sound LA 100 BL 100w Plexi Valve Guitar Amplifier Head)

It was excellent doing business with you.

I’m not usually someone who writes reviews but this is a rare exception.

From the moment I saw the vintage amp on your website I was smitten. All to often such feelings end in disappointment – but not in this case. Having decided to pursue the amp I phoned your contact number – but hit your call answering service. I chose not to leave a message and thought that this was going to be a difficult purchase.

I was very wrong!.

Within minutes of my call my phone rang and it was you calling me back. Following a very informative and helpful conversation you had convinced me that not only are you a high quality experienced seller and true pro, but you were prepared to put the amp on hold (without a deposit) until I could get to you and experience the amp in person. Within 24 hours I was arriving at your premises – greeted by you as I arrived and given a very hospitable welcome. Following a really good chat about you, your business and a detailed explanation and trial of the amp the decision to buy it was never in doubt. I’m now the proud owner an excellent vintage amp and a delighted customer.

I hope that our paths will cross again in the future.

Thanks again an extremely positive purchase experience.



Andrew Haywood (Milton Keynes) November 21, 2018